We live in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Precise insight, mindset, talent, workflow, connection and digital solution could be your advantages to stand out above the competition.

Precise International is a retail experience company. Beyond precision, we integrate design, innovation, technology, project management, craftmanship and digital solution to deliver impactful & effective omnichannel retail experience for global brands’ audience.

Our Story

Beyond Precision


activated brands

Since our humble beginning in 2006, we have steadily gained trust and satisfaction from our global clients to showcase their brands to their audiences.


We have activated our global talents, workflow, and resources for localised operations globally, with more than 2000 completed projects, and counting.

Our Innovative Advantages

Support Coverage in Global Cities
Done with passion, professionalism & precision


operational cities


successful projects


facilities space

Growing from strength to strength, we have expanded our global offices' in-house services to deliver your brand experience wherever your audience is.

In establishing a seamless workflow for our clients, we integrate our offices with a centralised design studio, digitalised project management resources, well-equipped production facilities, and smart warehouses.

Through our integrated creative, project and manufacturing facilities, we fulfil our service quality consistency; on-brand, on-time, and on budget.

Our Innovation

We push boundaries to provide the most relevant solution.

Visual Merchandising Solution

Our passion in craftsmanship

Combining our passion in craftsmanship and our expertise in the industry, we have been delivering our VMD solution to global brands for their travel and permanent retail spaces.

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Precise Smart Display

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