Intelligent Skin Checker

The Intelligent Skin Checker is one of the innovative products from Precise International.

The device can be incorporated into the display fixtures of respective products. It works by scanning & checking the skin condition, up to 6 different sampling areas, followed by recommending the products according to customer daily life activity, habit & schedule that customer input before the interaction.

Within seconds, customers can see the skin analysis report based on a few criteria such as skin moisture, pores, wrinkles, etc.

The software is connected to the brand’s products database. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm processes the data to recommend the right and suitable products or the customer skin condition and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

Consecutively, it will follow through by reminding the customer of the recommended periodical skin check, the skincare treatment result, and the follow-up treatment plan.

The system continuously improves the predictive model based on every customer’s skin check, suggesting a more effective & progressive skin transformation plan.