Innovative Interactive Display Solution

Precise Smart Display is one of the innovative products developed by Precise. It features an interactive display solution that can be seamlessly integrated into a conventional backdrop unit, gondola, or other product merchandising display settings.

The smart sensor technology allows the new possibilities that will not constrain the creativity in product display/presentation. It adapts to the various configuration of fixtures. It serves as an interactive guide that operates independently, without shop assistant to explain the product detail and description. Whenever a customer lifts the product, the smart display will detect the action and present the product introduction and information accordingly.

The media content on our display system is fully customisable and can accommodate various video formats. Our display solution supports Content Management System (CMS) for online/offline content update, anytime, anywhere.

While Precise Smart Display enhances the customer retail experience, it also collects anonymous customer behaviour data such as product preferences, selections, etc., which can be a data point to formulate better sales/marketing strategy.

Innovation is precisely at the core of our solutions – for our clients’ competitive advantage.